Motivating People & Organizations

to Achieve More of What Truly Matters

Bryan is a gifted storyteller and inspirational speaker who has entertained audiences nationwide. His keynotes encourage people to live passionately and purposefully and to see beyond society’s often hollow definitions of success.


True Genius: The Secret to Doing More of What Matters

Do you possess a unique genius? Are you capable of doing great work in the world?

As Bryan Miller will emphatically tell you, the answer is yes. All it takes is a willingness to step off the status quo treadmill and into a life of authenticity, purpose, and power. As an international speaker, author, and leadership coach, Bryan helps individuals and organizations reconnect with their innate wisdom and achieve more of what truly matters. Drawing on insights gleaned from his father’s journey from college dropout to self-made billionaire, as well as his own deep inquiry into meaningful work, Bryan challenges audiences to rethink their definition of genius, productivity, and success. He lays out simple yet profound methods for reawakening brilliance, aligning purpose with passion, ramping up effectiveness, and transcending society’s often limiting expectations. Listeners leave fully energized — ready to transform their personal lives, their organizations, and the world.

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Noticed Immediate Improvement in Team Attitude

My team left Bryan’s training with a much better understanding of why change is good, and the reasons why change should be embraced. I heard great feedback from staff and managers, and noticed immediate improvement in overall attitude and employee engagement. The future here is bright – thank you Bryan Miller!
-Robb Enger / Former Chief Operating Officer, TCA

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Feedback from a Cambridge Family Enterprise Group Keynote

Keynote — Bryan Miller, Governance at the Controlling Owner & Sibling Partnership Stage

Individual Feedback:

  • Great enthusiasm and wonderful presentation.
  • Outstanding.
  • Very good to hear from a modern business family that is just in the process of organizing the family and business governance.

Aggregate Survey Feedback:

Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise Keynote Speech Effectiveness
Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise Keynote Speech Usefulness

ABOUT CAMBRIDGE INSTITUTECambridge Institute for Family Enterprise is a global education and research institute dedicated to the real issues facing family enterprises. It is a place where progressive members of family enterprises come to learn, exchange ideas, develop themselves and position their enterprises to be successful over generations.

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