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A Dying Man

About a week before my dad died, I sat at his hospital bedside.

His legs had been amputated below the knee due to complications from diabetes. His eyesight was failing due to retinopathy. His body was ravaged from years of living with a host of ailments: kidney failure, gout, arthritis, sepsis, intestinal bleeding and a rare, painful and incurable disease called calciphylaxis.

He barely resembled the man most people knew—a self-made billionaire who had worked his way up from an auto parts clerk to become the owner of more than 40 car dealerships, the NBA’s Utah Jazz, and a variety of businesses than employed nearly 10,000 people nationwide.

Instead, his long work hours, poor diet, habit of skipping breakfast and often lunch, lack of exercise, not visiting the doctor, getting little sleep, and living constantly under hight stress had taken their toll.

At 64, he had literally worked himself to death.

I sat there in the hospital, watching his rapid demise, and asked myself a question that the outside world might have found preposterous:

“Is this man successful?

It was a profound moment for me. From that day forward, my life took a new direction.

Larry & Gail Miller

A Quest for Knowledge

What is success?

My desire to answer this question has taken me all over the world. I’ve had the privilege of learning from, studying with and interviewing some of the world’s most respected thought leaders, including Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield and Marshall Goldsmith, among many others.

What I’ve found is that the answer is not nearly as simple as the question. Defining success is a very personal experience. Only you can do it.

But here’s the good news, you can do it. 

Success is not an elusive idea, it is an actionable practice. There are powerful tools and principles that you can implement to define and achieve the type of success you’ve imagined for yourself.

I call those principles Life’s Best Practices.

They are the foundation on which I built the School for Good Living.


Bryan with Sadhguru

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Warren Buffett

Tony Robbins

Dalai Lama

Jack Canfield

Lynne Twist

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A Desire to Teach

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My greatest joy comes from sharing what I know and what I have in a way that blesses the lives of others. I created the School for Good Living to empower you to make your life a masterpiece. Here’s how the School for Good Living can help you on your journey:


  • Transformational online courses to help you break through to success.
  • Live, multi-day intensives for current and aspiring coaches.
  • Legacy family coaching for families of wealth.


  • Interviews with thought leaders, coaches, writers and entrepreneurs.
  • Find inspiration in the triumphs and failures of successful people.
  • Take away tools and insights to help you level up your own life.


  • Behind The Drive: 99 Stories from the life of an American Entrepreneur.
  • Firsthand accounts from famous and obscure people in Larry H. Miller’s life.
  • Lessons on how to make a difference in the world, one person at at time.


  • Book a powerful, moving keynote address for your next event.
  • Bryan speaks about defining success and finding your purpose in life.
  • A highly personal journey laced with humor, emotion and insight.

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